How should I regulate my hydration?

Here’s the Science of Sport’s take on the hydration issue, where the fourth article in particular addresses thirst meaning you are « too dehydrated ».


The time course for elevated muscle protein synthesis following heavy resistance exercise.


It has been shown that muscle protein synthetic rate (MPS) is elevated in humans by 50% at 4 hrs following a bout of heavy resistance training, and by 109% at 24 hrs following training. This study further examined the time course for elevated muscle protein synthesis by examining its rate at 36 hrs following a training session. Six healthy young men performed 12 sets of 6- to 12-RM elbow flexion exercises with one arm while the opposite arm served as a control. MPS was calculated from the in vivo rate of incorporation of L-[1,2-13C2] leucine into biceps brachii of both arms using the primed constant infusion technique over 11 hrs. At an average time of 36 hrs postexercise, MPS in the exercised arm had returned to within 14% of the control arm value, the difference being nonsignificant. It is concluded that following a bout of heavy resistance training, MPS increases rapidly, is more than double at 24 hrs, and thereafter declines rapidly so that at 36 hrs it has almost returned to baseline.

Safety evaluation of highly-branched cyclic dextrin and a 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme from Bacillus stearothermophilus.

Toxicity testing of the branching enzyme (BE) involved in the synthesis of HBCD showed that the BE also was not acutely toxic when orally administered to rats and was non-mutagenic in the mouse lymphoma assay. The results of this study demonstrate that HBCD is digested to normal and safe products of carbohydrate digestion, and therefore, support the safety of HBCD for human consumption.

Priorités diète (Intermittent fasting)

Most people prioritize like this:

  • 1 How much you eat (calories)
  • 2 What you eat (macros)
  • 3 When you eat (fasting)

if you’re nailing #1 and #2, I wouldn’t worry about #3 very much. in fact, #3 is often considered just an easier / more convenient way to get calories and macros right. If fasting is getting in the way of getting enough calories I would stop fasting and eat.