Idel diet ?

Why is the « ideal » diet disputed?

The majority of studies on diet are very poorly controlled and when the results don’t match up to the expected outcomes the researchers either blame the complexity of the human body or people for lying about what they ate. It’s an environment where the only acceptable outcomes are that which we already believe so our knowledge is stagnating. Meanwhile because of all the inconclusive and conflicting studies the experts can essentially pick and choose what they want to believe is true making health sciences more of a health religion.

What is the closest thing to an unbiased ideal diet?

Out of all diets, ancient and modern, the commonality is what not to eat. Refined sugar and soda are the only real irrefutable things that we shouldn’t eat. Both of these have the most strong associations with chronic illnesses and obesity. Close in the running are processed foods and alcohol although some diets can make cases to accept both in moderation.

Why is this such an issue with humans?

Because from a very early age we are conditioned by our culture and upbringing to find sugary, processed foods tasty. We are raised on chicken and muscle meat which is nutritionally inferior to things like beef organ meat. We are consequently conditioned to find healthy foods disgusting and that being miserable while eating healthy is the norm. We each have the capability to recondition ourselves to enjoy healthy foods by taste and mentally, but the food industry and society are preaching that we should be able to have foods that taste just like the chemical ridden foods. Unfortunately people don’t realize that if they go through the pains of removing themselves from these processed foods that healthy foods start to taste just as good and the processed foods will begin to make people feel ill.

Society has accepted food addiction as a cultural norm. If an alcoholic went to get treatment and the counselor said, « Listen Bob, you’re never going to be able to completely give up alcohol so let’s make a plan where you drink just a little », they should be appalled; however, this is how we treat people struggling with heart disease and obesity. We preach that despite the trillions of dollars obesity is costing America and the lives that are ended early it’s still okay to eat a Snicker’s bar on occasion.

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