Matt Rhodes on diet

As far as nutrition goes I wouldn’t go nuts. As you get started it will be very easy to drop some lbs an build some strength.

Personally, I’d start by reducing portions and jacking up your water intake. Once you fall into that rhythm (maybe 3-4 weeks) you can start cutting out the crap. Start with sugar. It’s in EVERYTHING! At the same time make sure you’re eating protein (dead animals) EVERY time you eat.

As you move along you’ll find it easier and easier to cut out crappy food. On top of that, you’ll feel better. Combine that with exercise and you don’t really have to change much as you get started.

Once it becomes more of a lifestyle you can start looking into diets. I hate the word « diet » because it implies there’s an end. There isn’t. Side note, diet stands for « Did I Eat Today? » Anyway, I like Dave article called « Dieting Food Prep for Meatheads. » This one makes sense in my world.

I also like the over-arching idea of the Paleo Diet. I can’t stand the cult-like fanaticism, but if you look at the big picture it’s really a great way to eat.

1. Eat a buttload of protein (meat and eggs)
2. Eat a buttload of vegetables
3. Eat some nuts
4. Eat some fruits
5. Little to no starches (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta)

This is overly simplified, but it doesn’t need to be crazy. 

The biggest thing you have to wrap your head around is commitment. There’s no end in sight. There’s o excuse to fall off the wagon. You will. But, when it happens, you have to get right back on. 

A great way to keep yourself in check is to make a calendar each month. I got this from Vincent Dizenzo (I think). For each day you eat well make a line through the day with a red pen. For each day that you exercise make a line through that day with a blue pen. At the end of the month you’ll be able to see what you’ve done. 

People THINK they do a better job than they really do. This method can’t lie, unless you lie to yourself about what good eating and exercise is.

Here’s the other thing. Don’t look for supplements. If you can’t eat right, sleep well (7-8 hours a night) and exercise properly, there’s not a supplement out there that will help you.
Hope this gives you some ideas.

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