What variable do most people change first? Do you reduce calories first or upper cardio?

Depends what you starting point is

What we’ve done with JM both preps

1. Reduced carbs/cals to switch from « gaining muscle » to « losing fat » calories (usually remove carbs from meal 1 and recude carbs from meal 2)

2. Add cardio in, 4 x 30mins – moderate intensity,

3. Reduce/remove carbs from meal 2-3

4. Up the cardio duration to 40mins

5. Reduce/remove carbs from last meal of the day

6. Up the cardio frequency to 5x/week

7. Reduce/remove carbs from every fucking thing except peri workout

8. Up the cardio to 5 x 45mins

9. Reduce carbs from post workout meal, if needed

10. Stop the cardio

11. Add carbs back in a bit to fill out

At some point around the 10weeks out mark we up training frequency from 6 to 7 too


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