Omega 3 dosage ? (Silvy)

« Optimal » for fish oil is probably an impossible goal; the ideal dose will change based on:

  • Your history of fish intake and supplementation
  • Dietary omega-6 intake from all sources
  • Excluding plants, your dietary intake of arachidonic acid (omega-6 from meat products)
  • Dietary intake of phytonutrients that influence omega fatty acid metabolism (ie. rosmarinic acid or fucoxanthin)
  • Activity level
  • Intake of antioxidants to assess lipid turnover

And I can confidently say that all the above are not only difficult to measure, but even then they aren’t perfect indicators of your ‘optimal’ level. It truly leads to a « fuck this shit » conclusion. There’s a reason why most educated persons just hedge their bets and say « eat some fish or supplement fish oil kinda maybe evenly with your omega 6? »

The 1:1 ratio thing (animal sources of omega-3 and animal sources of omega-6) is a vague goal but it works pretty well, no better measurement seems to be on the horizon so we’re sticking with it still.


1:1 is just some vague target. We know that some populations work well at 1:4, and some also at 3:1.

Most of all, we know that if you tell people to aim for 1:1 they still won’t get it because they can’t micromanage their diet that well, but at least it gets them close.


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Grunting in Tennis Increases Ball Velocity but Not Oxygen Cost

RPE significantly increased over time with periods 2–5 being greater than period 1 (p = 0.001). It was concluded that grunting increased ball velocity without increasing V[Combining Dot Above]O2 or VE/V[Combining Dot Above]O2 or RPE in comparison with not grunting. It may be worthwhile for players and coaches in tennis and other sports to experiment with grunting to determine possible improvement in performance.