RTS period (lgmacros)

I’m pretty sure that in the RTS Manual, Mike says not to worry about Fatigue % until you have 7-9 months experience with the standard Fatigue Stops. That being said, here’s info from various forums that may help save some time:

His basic template setup is:

  • week 1: medium stress
  • week 2: high stress
  • week 3: low stress
  • week 4: medium stress

You can use the basic volume & intensity constructs to create the desired level of stress:

volume/intensity=level of stress

  • medium/medium=medium
  • high/medium=high
  • medium/high=high
  • high/high=very high
  • low/high=medium
  • low/medium=low
  • low/low=deload

The time constraints are as follows:

  • low volume=15min/exercise
  • medium volume=20min/exercise
  • high volume= 25min/exercise

The intensity blocks are as follows:

  • low intensity=0 max effort slots/week
  • medium intensity =2 max effort slots/week
  • high intensity=3-4 max effort slots/week

Use the above to create your desired weeks. So if you wish to have medium stress that week, you can choose either of the following options:

  • medium/medium=medium (20min/exercise + 2 max effort slots that week)
  • low/high=medium (15min/exercise + 3-4 max effort slots that week)

Remember, intensity does not mean 1RMs, it can be 1-3 RMs or more.

I strongly urge you not to focus on this just yet, but play around with the 3 weeks of volume/3 weeks of intensity with 20min/exercise until you gauge your RPEs.

I made a simple calculator based on Mike’s RPE chart. It gives you options for your volume and intensity weeks. Here’s how to use it:

You’re warming up at the gym and you hit 325×5 on the back squat at 9-10RPE (roughly a 5RM for that day). Punch in 325 in the input here and select the 5 from the radio buttons. You’re immediately presented with your volume and intensity options. Triples at 320 or fives at 295 in the volume phase.

The numbers aren’t set in stone but they’re a good starting point for people who want to play around with RTS. I’ve tested it with a few buddies that are working with RPEs and the weights they were using was pretty damn close to what the calculator offered.


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