Squat Mornings

1) Put he bar a bit higher on your traps; once you’re more experienced, you’ll be able to try lower bar, if you wish

2) puff your chest out as hard as you can (easier with bar on upper traps, that’s why #1)

3) treat each repetition as a single one, as the most important one; this leads to #4

4) GET THE RIGHT SET-UP EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU START A REPETITION: chest out, fill your gut with air, then brace it; stay tight, always

5) as you go down think: « Chest up, butt back, knees out »; you’ll get uncomfortable tension on hamstrings and adductors, just get used to it. If it doesn’t happen, you’re doing it wrong (chest collapsing down and/or knees caving in and/or lumbar spine flexing);

6) as you go up, think: « Chest up » and brace you abs


1. Your head needs to be neutral and your neck packed. Search this site for instructions – I saw an article awhile back.
2. Your eyes should be focused straight ahead or slightly down but no way to the extent you are looking down. I am impressed you stood up at all looking that far down. I got dizzy watching.
3. Never take your eyes off of the mark you make and don’t move your head – keep it packed in your neck – your eyes should rotate slightly up as you go down in order to keep on the mark. But your head never moves – it should be plastered into your neck.
4. Crank/ratchet/rotate your elbows under the bar – they are too far back and contributing to your forward lean – they’re pushing you over into a good morning.
5. Cranking your elbows under and keeping them there will instantly bring your chest up.
6. Your body will follow your head and eyes. Thus when you are in the hole, keep the eyes on the mark and drive your head back into the bar.
7. BUT, since your head is plastered to your neck which is plastered into your upper back and your elbows are under the bar keeping your chest up and back tight, the whole plastered structure will actually be driving back and up, with no choice but to follow the head – since it is all freakin stuck together.


-try widening your stance more
-when you’re pushing your knees our really try to grip the floor and twist your foot simultaneously
-Learn how to breathe into your stomach and brace your abs and obliques
-Lean how to use your abs, lats, lower back and hips in unison
-as others said use a higher bar position and focus on cues in this order (abs/back/hips braced; chest up,slowly push hips back while keeping your chest up as much as humanly possible until you start falling into that range where you feel like you are going to start leaning forward too much, drop down)


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