Things that damage your hormones

Things that damage your hormones -list of topics:

Pituitary damage: ref…Pituitary_gland
-blows to the head or whiplash…_%28medicine%29

Drugs and chemicals:
-Rx drugs
-OTC drugs
-hair loss drugs
-other chemicals, toxins, pollution
-heavy metals
-fire retardants in furniture or fire fighter’s fire retardant clothes

Effects of other reproductive and related hormones:
-Xeno estrogens…ki/Xenoestrogen
-Xeno testosterone:…tase_inhibitors
–hair loss drugs 5-alpha reductase inhibitors -extremely dangerous for a few – see above
-Prohormones [PH]…wiki/Prohormone -extremely dangerous for a few
-Deca…wiki/Nandrolone – see xeno-testosterone above

Damage to the testicles [testes] ref…/wiki/Testicles
-Varicocele [blood supply]…wiki/Varicocele
-Torsion [Physical damage]…ticular_torsion
-Fever: If you have a fever and your testes hurt, they may be damaged

Damage to the pituitary gland:
-head trauma, blow to the head or whip lash can scar the pituitary gland
-a pituitary adenoma…tuitary_adenoma
–can decrease LH and/or increase prolactin
–may press in optic nerves, reducing peripheral vision in one or both eyes
—could create other visual field disturbances [not vision correction issue]
–can results in other hormone problems
-watch for multiple pituitary hormone problems

-adrenal fatigue…Adrenal_fatigue
–watch DHEA-S levels
-syndrome X aka metabolic disorder…abolic_syndrome
-insulin resistance [and diabetes]…ulin_resistance
-influences of the digestive system
-arterial disease and high blood pressure [BP]
-poor cell wall permeability

-low cholesterol, natural, diet induced, result of statin drugs
-low CoQ10, age related, induced by statin drugs
-low dietary EFA’s [essential fatty acids]
-low iodine…thryoid_problem
-other low trace minerals
-sub optimal vitamin D
-anti oxidants

Supplements, when more might be better:


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