Supplement basic

I commend you for only sticking to food for this long. With how big of an industry the supplement market is, that’s quite impressive.

As for some recommendations I think only a few are worth the money you are going to dump into them. To note, I am personally not a fan of test boosting supplements. I think they are all a bunch of crap and overhyped. Not to mention, too many teens think they need them at the worst time they really do. So on that note, I’ll let you make that call, but that’s my 2 cents.

As for what I would suggest, here are some really basic things that are supported the most in literature:

1) Whey Protein Isolate – Protein is looked at and probably a good thing to pick up, especially if you are trying to gain strength or mass (or maintain it at your age). Smash a 25-40g shake PWO or use for meal replacement if you are on the go or in a rush for prepping food.

2) EPA/DHA Fish Oil – I think this should be a staple in all diets. Our food quality is demishing and the studies done on these has been backed pretty well. Your joints will feel better and the anti-inflammatory work it can do can help recovery. Some think it can help with insulin sensitivity as well.

3) Vitamin D-3 – This is something that tends to lack many diets as well. From bone health and immune function it can go a long ways. If you don’t get much sunlight, this is a huge help (like in the winter months). Since it’s summer, this can be dropped if you are outside enough (15-20 min per day).

4) Creatine – This is probably one of the most studied supplements that’s ever hit the market, and most studies support it. You could be a nonresponder, but that’s some just something you will have to test. It’s relatively cheap and powder form is the best way to go in my opinion. Just throw in a serving in your pre or post workout shake and you are good to go to hopefully help you squeeze out some extra reps or maybe a tad bit more weight.

That’s what I would recommend for a good start, and maybe only 1-2 to start with. I prefer these because they can be obtained via food but sometimes they are easier to get from supplements when you need them most. Considering you’ve used whole foods for this duration I’m willing to bet your diet is pretty good, and since it is you can experiment with some of these.

The important thing is to lock your diet in first, and then go to supplements as needed.

Hope some of these can help you see some more PR’s and gains in the gym!


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