[Eric Cressey] 5 Strategies for Winning the Minor League Nutrition Battle – Part 1 & 2

Part 1

Part 2

Strategy #1: Control the “Controllables”

  • Eat “Better” At Home
  • Prep Meals in Advance

Strategy #2: Eat More Real Food

Strategy #3: Back-load Your Carbs.

  • Maintain sympathetic dominance when it’s time to work
  • Stay Leaner.
  • Sleep Better.

Strategy #4: Supplement Wisely.

  • Fish Oil
  • Athletic Greens
  • Vitamin D

Tip #5: Include Super Shakes to Maintain Weight.


Ever since I started my professional career, I was in search of a new model to adequately handle in-season nutrition to give me the best shot of making it. The results of my search gave birth to the model constructed above.

It’s not revolutionary, nor is it a model that’s going to lend itself into a New York Times’ Bestseller. However, it has allowed me to stay lean, maintain my strength, and most importantly feel good throughout a 142-game season. The minor league baseball season is a beast with so many less-than-ideal environmental variables. The ability to adapt is foundational in order to be successful. To adapt adequately, having a workable framework is a necessity. The model above is a start.


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