Horrendous posture

Patience is going to be your friend. Were talking about 10 years of problems, the solution won’t take 10minutes.

You are doing a lot of great things but some things I would add.

1. Don’t just stretch pecs but work on scalene muscles. They get tight and contribute to the issues you are talking about.

2. Use a lacrosse ball on your pecs, don’t just stretch.

3. Rotator cuff work. This is a big stabilizer and bad posture weakens it.

4. Two pulls to every push for the next 6 months.

5. Lower trap work


style of programming with the conjugate method for Bench

Odd Weeks – Comp Grip
Even Weeks – Close Grip

Block 1 – Major Weak Point
Block 2 – Mechanical Disadvantage
Block 3 – Mechanical Advantage/Overload
Block 4 – Competition Movement/Retest

To give you an idea of what this might look like with some exercises subbed in:

Block 1 – Swiss Bar Bench
Block 2 – Floor Press vs Chains
Block 3 – 2 Board
Block 4 – Competition Movement

My ideas behind this were as follows:

Block 1 – Just get better at a sucky movement. Make any kind of improvement possible.
Block 2 – Get better at working at a disadvantage and increase time under tension (TUT).
Block 3 – Get used to handling more load than I’m accustomed to while still working on a weak area.
Block 4 – Retake my competition lifts and literally feel the improvement.


By the time my 4th block rolled around, I was feeling super strong. It was my « Realization » phase, so to speak. When I took these weights, they felt light and working through tough spots wasn’t near as difficult.

Then for my supplemental lift I chose something that helped build that specific area for each block, and my assistance also followed that model.

My volume of work was high until until I got to the last block where I slowly dropped things off a little bit as I knew I was taking some heavy loads in the comp lifts and I wanted to optimize recovery from week to week so I could see my true progress.

A Comparison of Traditional and Block Periodized Strength Training Programs in Trained Athletes


Results of this study indicate that BP may enhance upper-body power expression to a greater extent than TP with equal volume; however, no differences were detected for lower-body performance and body composition measures.



     Feel full and satiated as much as possible

       Don’t feel bloated or unwell from cramming down too much food in one go

       Lose fat as quickly as possible while maintaining maximum muscle mass on a cut

       Build muscle as quickly as possible while keeping body fat to a minimum during a gaining phase

       Perform at your best in the gym

       Can function on a day to day basis and maintain concentration.