Collections of programs created by Paul Carter of Lift Run Bang


Strength Training For MMA

My 5/3/1 Programming

Running your 5/3/1 Template

Adding 100 pounds to your Deadlift

More on Beginner Training

SLL Squatting Combinations

Young Skinny Guy with ADD

Squat Push Pull Condition Challenge

Leverage Disadvantage Squat Plan

SLL Pressing Combinations

Ultimate Beastdom Strength

Base Building Bench Specialization

Pete Rubish Bench

Marshall Johnson Deadlift

Training for the time constrained lifter


Training for the Fat Guy

Training for the fat guy who breathes heavy sitting on the couch who wants to get in shape and be sexier

Ultimate Beastdom Conditioning

4 Week Conditioning

LRB Template Conditioning

Mass Building

Blue Collar Training for Mass II

Blue Collar Training for Mass III

Base Building Improving the Support to Grow

Choosing the Right Training Split

Overhead Press and Shoulder Development


Posterior Assault Phase 2

Ultimate Beastdom Mass

Programming with the 350 Method

Shotgunning 350 method with Base Building

LRB template Week 1

LRB Template Week 2


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