Graded Exercise Test Results (VO2max tests) Performed On A Variety Of Different Body Types And Diet Types (n=1)

Bodybuilder-Keto: At low intensities he is already burning more CHO than Fats and that is at 4-4.5mph 0%grade. As his heart rate increases his RER value reaches pure carbohydrate at 1.00 and he begins to utilize protein as a substrate although it is almost entirely CHO. >1.05 RER usually signifies lactate threshold which means that he isn’t going to last much longer or go very far during the test. He was always burning more carbohydrate than fat (percentage utilization) so there wasn’t an optimal HRrange to prescribe cardiorespiratory endurance training as anything he can accomplish would be an improvement.

CrossFit style athlete no dietary restrictions: This test is on a moderately balanced individual in terms of fitness. He does moderate amounts of cardiorespiratory exercise in comparison to crossfit style resistance training. RER of .77 shows fat being the predominant substrate at low levels of intensity where the balance of CHO/FAT is achieved at 82% of HRmax. He ended with a relative value of 55.6ml/kg/min which is pretty high percentile.

HIIT low-CHO diet Collegiate cheerleader performs high intensity interval training or p90x style workouts. Here optimal endurance training HR is also on the low side ~75%HRmax for a 50/50blend of substrate usage. She gets into high CHO usage pretty quickly and at low intensities although her body wants to run on CHO the low carbohydrate diet might impede performance if there is no substrate available to use.

Endurance Athlete High-CHO The significant part of this test is that the endurance athlete burns fat as a primary substrate all the way into the 5th minute of the test where as the other previous subjects went mostly CHO after the 1-3rd minutes and still burned fat until the last 2 stages in comparison to the other tests. The body builder stopped using fats 5 minutes into the test and the CF/HIIT tapered off with 4-5 stages left to go.

Second Endurance Athlete Sample times were twice as frequent in this report which gives more specific data and allows greater precision for training zones. This athlete used fat as his dominant fuel source for the first 7 stages and didn’t go completely carbohydrate until stage 12. Ideal training zone for max CHO/Fat combined useage would be 165bpm or at an RER of .85

sedentary obese standard bike protocol HR wasn’t recorded on the data sheet for this test. Notable data are the RER mix being mostly CHO from the start and fat metabolism gone at 8 minutes into the ten minute test. VO2max was achieved at minute 10 and the last ten minutes were to show EPOC and the return to resting VO2 which is typically ~3.5ml/kg/min. The most interesting aspect is the EPOC period where the subject continued to burn strictly carbohydrate for 8 minutes after achieving VO2max during passive recovery signifying extremely high lactate levels as demonstrated by the RER value >1.05

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