How to treat shoulder pain?(MudvayneMW)

  • Layer the fuck up. Compression shirt, two shirts, and a sweater. I no longer wear the compression shirt and the sweater comes off after warmup
  • Shoulder warmup – I run through this twice (flat BB bench x 20, incline BB bar x 20, arm circles, 5 lb arm circles, 5lb front raise x 5, side lat x 5, rear delt x 5, flies x 15)
  • Work your way up or take some time off of BB and switch to DB Bench. I had to stick with DB Bench for about 4 years before I could BB bench 135 x 10 without any discomfort. At this point in time I was able to bench with 85 lb DB’s for 4 x 10
  • Start chest workout with flies or machine flies to get my chest ready/pumped. It’s more than a warmup but not quite working sets. I just squeeze my chest as hard as I can at the peak of the contraction to get it ready/activated. Might have to back off weight for BB Bench.
  • Make sure you have perfect/strict form on bench and an awesome arch (think declining but with your butt on the bench). Glutes tight, back arched, shoulders back, weight on traps. Think of taking the bar off of the rack as doing a pullover so you can keep your shoulders retracted and in the right place. You’re doing a bb row down, and pushing yourself away from the bar on the way up. Think of bending the bar or pulling it apart.
  • Finish your chest/shoulder workouts with internal and external rotations

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