What to do with Squats while recovering from Runner’s Knee

  1. You need to do mobility work. Usually knee pain is a function of direct pounding (via something like yogging) and/or hip tightness. Open the anterior hip and external rotators at a minimum, soft tissue work then stretching.
  2. When you guys have anterior knee pain, look at your training and see if you have posterior chain work. That usually helps significantly, and it’s probably because something like RDL’s makes the hamstrings pull posteriorily on the head of the tibia, providing some kind of counter force to the normal anterior net force. And then strengthening the posterior chain to help control the knee in general. I routinely program posterior chain work with high bar squats.
  3. Don’t yog every day, especially if you haven’t been doing it! Nobody should really ever yog every day, especially if they’re lifting. If you need that long, slow distance work to relieve stress, get on a concept 2 rower, jump rope, or just walk. If stress is a respectable issue in your life, look into progressive relaxation (there are audio clips I use and recommend on Dartmouth and BYU’s websites, just google it).

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