How much/what do you speculate ??? is running?

When I was younger I taught myself guitar. I bought all of the guitar magazines, and I wanted to play just like Eddie Van Halen. I thought man, if I could just get his guitar I would sound just like him. But I couldn’t afford it. One day I got to play the same brand/model in a store, but I didn’t sound just like him. Obviously, I thought, the problem was that I would also need his strings. And his amp.

I spent a long time chasing it, and eventually realized that Eddie Van Halen could walk in, pickup the shittiest guitar, and sound like… Eddie Van Halen. I on the other hand would never sound like him no matter what I had.

What is the point of my stupid story?

If there were a super secret gear stats sheet out there, and you were like fuck yeah and did the exact same thing as this guy, you wouldn’t look like this guy.

Even if you were his same height, weight, ate the same thing, and did the same workouts as him while doing the same gear.

You would look instead exactly like… you doing all of that.

What does that look like? No clue. Bigger? Probably. Ripped? Probably. Veins? Definitely. Size, symmetry, etc like him? Probably not.

Would you find weird things that like your traps blow up and your calves don’t, or that you get some rash on some drug that he doesn’t, or that you bloat no matter what you do and he doesn’t? Probably.

I just always blame myostatin. Might not be correct, but it helps me stop thinking about it.

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