Dynamic 5/3/1

531 from my experience is just Wendlers dumbed down, bastardized version of the conjugate template. The biggest problem with it, is he doesn’t really get into depth in his book about how to properly program assistance work for the program which is the bread and butter of the conjugate methodology. Basically in both programs you end up with two lower and two upper days, the difference is largely in the assistance work however. Our gym uses something like:

Lower 1

  • ME squat
  • deadlift variation or DE variation
  • assistance

Upper 1

  • ME bench
  • row variation
  • assistance

Lower 2

  • ME Deadlift
  • DE squat or Squat variation
  • assistance

Upper 2

  • ME Overhead
  • DE bench or bench variation
  • pull-up variation
  • assistance

This is really the basic template for most conjugate style programs that I have seen. Given Wendlers roots at Westside and the general set up of his program, this is likely how I would set up a 531 routine now. That said, this stuff isn’t in his book because Wendler is to busy trying to separate himself from where he became a great lifter.


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