Squat cues

Squatting with a high bar ? those cues are perfect:

All I think about whenever I’m trying to talk someone through the basics of squatting (Reed squats differently to me, and is stronger, he may have different advice here) is to: – push your ass back slightly

– almost immediately push your knees out (« show your crotch »)
– then sit between your legs.

If you can do that with your weight moreso on your heels than on your toes and your core and upper back tight, you’re golden. I learnt to squat using high bar, and I think that helped get this pattern down, but I moved to low bar after about a year. You may just want to start with low bar. Take the time to find something that works, but then focus on practising that something over and over.

Low bar :

1. Foot placement allowing the squatter to break a decent depth, Knee stay out, and knees don’t track excessively over the toes. Forward knee movement is ok but there is a point that it can take away from leverages. Also I don’t care who says it anytime I get FKM my knees kill me. Sure some people can do it but its not me therefore I wont teach it.

2. Bar placement should be in correspondence to the foot width. If your wide chances are lower to mid bar is for you. If closer 9/10 a mid to high bar is for you. Pretty easy to tell. If your squatting down and the hips are shooting up faster than the bar the chances are one your squat stance is to close or bar placement is to high. Could be muscle weakness as well but you can at least minimize the effect.


In both squats you should :

1. Initially break at the hips less for HB more for LB but none the less
2. Push knees and feet out.
3. Chest tall
4. Come put of the hole its just a matter of which muscles are firing.



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