what’s wrong with Paleo ?

The basics of paleo: Eating a balance diet of unprocessed and whole foods is sound. You can’t really go wrong with that.

Where people start to stray from logic is when they start swearing off beans, dairy, or anything with carbs in it because « that’s not how our ancestors ate. » Firstly populations dating pretty far back have had grains in their diet, mostly people just ate what was around them.

But what it comes down to is focus on getting whole/unprocessed (or minimally so) foods. If dairy doesn’t sit well with you, don’t eat dairy. If you find that, while you don’t have celiacs, but still react negatively to gluten, avoid gluten. Beans/Legumes are great.

Also if you’re doing any kind of exercise program, carbs will almost always give an increase in performance. If you’re lifting/wod-ing/exercising throw some carbs into your diet around training.



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