5 minute warm up to signifcantly improve bench

I’m assuming you already know how to bench properly, how to use leg drive, and how to set up on your traps.

This goes after a general warm up, right before your first working set.

  1. Lay on the ground and do single-leg glute bridges. 2×15 per side

Stand back up

  1. Use a theraband or any other light band to active rear delts, traps, and shoulder stabilizers like this:

-Grab the band about shoulder width apart

-Spread the band apart while keeping your elbows locked with a slight bend -Use your rear delts to spread the band, you should feel your shoulderblades pinching together as you spread and coming apart as you bring the arms back in front of you. -Repeat 15-20 times

-Then, grab the band just like you did before, spread it apart using your rear delts and hold this position, your rear delts should be pinched together tightly.

-From this position, bend your elbows so that your shoulderblades are still pinched, but the band is in front of you

-Slowly, press the band forward and back (away from body, back to chest) in the same motion as a bench press.

-Make sure your shoulderblades stay pinched throughout this entire movement, you will probably lose shoulder position a few times the first time you attempt this. 2×15-20

Hope this makes sense, will record a video if needed.

This also acts as a cue. Before your set you are reminded of what it feels like to completely contract your posterior chain and fully retract your rear delts while your arms move independently.

Did about 5 reps of the pull aparts and then the presses with shoulder blades retracted


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