The downsides to partner stretches

The downsides to partner stretches are the following:

  • If your partner doesn’t have a good anatomical understanding of what they are trying to stretch, it isn’t always effective. (i.e., they don’t know how to square your shoulders or hips)
  • You have to find someone that can communicate clearly and not just push you too far too fast.
  • You will be put into positions where your groin/crotch is opening way up in front of the other person and they may be holding your feet or something. If you got qualms with that, you’ll find it awkward (I don’t, but just a potential thing).
  • When you’re stretching a strong male dude like me with really strong legs, the partner needs to be extremely strong to overcome the resistance that some tissues can generate. (I’m looking at you, hamstrings. In fact, it HAS to be a strong dude that stretches my hamstrings because even THEY get tired and if it was my girlfriend, for example, trying to do the same thing, she actually won’t be able to take me to my limits!)
  • On the other hand, if you’re much stronger than the person you’re stretching (like if i’m stretching my gf), then it’s really effective and easy.
  • Last but not least, communication must be continuous and limits must be respected. It is possible to do too much, too fast. So this isn’t meant to be done just only once, all out. It’s something that should be done 1-2x/week to let the body heal and then go at it again.

So it’s a very delicate process, and you have to have someone you could trust to do this regularly with. I personally am lucky that I live in a place where there are no social stigmas of this kinda thing and we do it with friends on the beach regularly. So i was thinking of maybe making videos for the various things we are doing. But just wanted to gauge any interest in such a thing, since it requires a bit of work (it takes 2 to tango… 3 if there’s a cameraman involved).


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