Bench: 10set progression

Bench: 10set progression
start with your 15 rep max
10sets once a week to near failure each set.
When you do a set with only 3reps, stop benching for the day.

Then Dips: 10sets, same progression but minimum 5reps.

Add 10lbs on both dips and bench every workout.

When you can’t do 5sets or more, add assist to keep up volume:
DB Shoulder Press and Skull Crushers 5sets with 15rep weight

Add 10lbs every workout here too

When you can get no more than 5reps on bench, do only 1 set and decrease Dips to only 1set as well. That way you can progress more on assist. add 2 backoff sets to bench with 20-50lbs less (something you can do for 5-8reps when tired) than topset and do those AFTER the assist work. Assist work will keep improving.

When you can no longer do 5reps on the bench topset, try a new max and done.

(credit to: George Leeman)



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