Christian Thibaudeau /Growth Factor for Legs

Correct, what we do is 2-3 mechanical drop sets using compound movements followed by one or two supersets using isolation work.

Here are 3 mechanical drop sets that we use.

1. Front squat heels elevated/Goodmorning/Back squat
*NOTE: we are now doing the GM first.

2. Romanian deadlift/Sumo deadlift/conventional deadlift

3. Goblet squat/KB swing/KB squat (could also be KB lunges)

Right now we are focusing on hamstrings so the superset we use is:

1.1 Lying leg curl extended set:
8-10 reps / rest 10 sec / reps to failure (same weight) / drop weight and again 6-8 reps / rest 10 sec /reps to failure (same weight)

No rest, move on to …

1.2 Leg press feet high on platform (only heels are on the platform)
12-15 reps

3 sets


Other mechanical drop sets you can use include movements where you change the leg/feet angle…

For example…

Leg extension
8-10 reps feet/legs turned in
8-10 reps neutral
8-10 reps feet/legs turned out


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