Back is hyperextending forwards / squat

Why does hyperextending tend to happen?

  • Bad positioning
  • Wrong movement patterns
  • Weak/overactive/stiff muscles

How to fix it

  • Be more aware of your movement. You need to be extended, not hyperextended, when loading the bar and starting the rep. Check our Chris Duffin’s videos on this issue.
  • Squat frequently with lower intensity in order to learn the right movement pattern. It takes time. Analyzing video is very helpful.
  • Slow down your reps: 3-4 seconds excentrics, pause in the bottom, 3-4 seconds concentrics. Be sure to activate your glutes when completing the rep.
  • Improve mobility (glute, hips and quads may need to be stretched)
  • Improve stability. Again, check out the video with Chris Duffin’s warm-up drills with Mark Bell.
  • Stregnthen glutes or/and abs or low back with traditional exercises. Activation is more important than weight moved.
  • Improve bracing methods. Check out Omar’s latest video with the GZCL guy.