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De Franco arm day

FRIDAY – 100-Rep “Vanity” Day (Shoulders & Arms)


Warm-up recommendation

a. Triple H’s Upper Body Warm-up (posted in PREMIUM section of Insider)

b. Relaxed Hanging from Chin-up bar – 2 x 30-45sec


1. 100-Rep Seated Lateral Raises – AFAP *Choose between 5, 7.5, 10 or 12.5lb dumbells – depending on your strength level


2. 100-Rep Prone DB Posterior Flyes – AFAP *Choose between 10-20lb dumbbells – depending on your strength level


3. 100-Rep Barbell Curls: AFAP *Choose between an Empty Olympic Bar, 55, or 65lbs – depending on your strength level


4. 100-Rep Cable or Band Tricep Pushdowns – AFAP *There are no “set weights” for this exercise (because all cable machines and band tensions are different). Choose an appropriate weight/band that challenges you (but isn’t too heavy).


NOTE: You will use the same weight for each exercise during the entire 3wk cycle. The goal is to complete the 100 reps FASTER each week, while using the same weight as the previous week.

What are your top 3 advices for deadlift progression ?

  1. Start with a combination of the specific movement and general accessories.
  2. Try to fix your problems through volume, intensity, and maybe frequency first.
  3. Be careful of general-specific movements that change the mechanics of the lift significantly, i.e. block pulls. Don’t misdiagnose a technique issue as a strength issue. Your lockout probably isn’t weak; you are just pulling cat-backed and aren’t being honest with yourself about it.