How do we have so many different opinions on whats proper squatting technique?

I think a lot of these black/white views stem from a basic misunderstanding of the body. The misconception is that everyone responds in the same way to exercise and nutrition. For example there are several studies about ROM and they generally agree that a longer ROM is better for hypertrophy. What people ignore, however, is that the purpose of research is to find averages; general trends. If you look at the data, you will often see large individual variations. Some people respond to large ROMs, some respond to shorter ROMs. These responses can be based in genetics. For example, the depth of the acetabulum is one of the factors that determines how deep you can comfortably squat. There’s also a study out about how people have different insulin responses to the same food.

In summary there isn’t only one way of doing things and saying that everyone should squat/bench/deadlift the same way is ignoring fundamental human physio-anatomical differences

I’ll link some biomechanics videos for those that are interested


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