the physio routine (Elbow / Shoulders)

3-5sets x30-60 reps (get a good effin burn going) w/ a black or silver digiflex, any gripper that hits all 4 fingers will do. (9-11lbs)

3-5×30-60 (see a pattern? make the shit burn) « finger openers » with 2 rubber band, each double wrapped around all 5 fingers. Will totally depend on the rubberband and your own strength. I’m using pretty thin ones. Don’t be afraid of going to basically failure. Death of rubberbands deemed unavoidable.

3×15-20 (wrist extensions with a 7.5lb dumbell) (again, you might need 2.5, you might need 20, I’m weaksauce, use a weight that you can do that many reps with and be 3-4 reps away from failure)

3×25-30 single handed wrist curls with the same weight I do the extensions with (this one seems to induce a massive pump, but only at the really high reps, stop a few reps after the pump gets strong or your shit is gonna burn for hours if it’s tendinitis)

3-4×30 Pronation & supination with a hammer w/ a 2.5lbs plate duct taped to the end of it. Pronate, stop at the top, supinate, bring it back to the top; thats 2 reps.

Then stretch your shit out by extending and flexing your wrist in 30-40 second holds against the wall or something stable.

Then ice the shit out of each elbow for no less than 8 min, no more than 15 (more than 15 the diminishing returns on inflammation are huge and blood flow really starts to get cut off as your capillaries close up)

Deep tissue massage once a week if it’s a chronic but mild type lingering bullshit lol. If it’s a new issue, or really inflamed, stay away from the massage.

Hope this helps someone, it has saved my career and life.

NOTE: if your elbows are so bad that you can’t write or type or function, start with this format but cut the reps in half, leave the sets as is, and use light weight and don’t chase the burn so much. Emphasize the ice more if the injury is new and really inflamed.


If it’s in the front of your shoulder and from pressing, 99% chance it’s bicipital tendinitis/osis. If you’ve had it for a while its probably tendinosis now. Tendinitis is inflammation and irritation (1-4 weeks healing time), tendinosis is degradation (2-6 months healing time).

Now, you basically do any exercise that strengthens any of the muscles in your rotator cuff, scapula, and upper back, without further irritating the tendon. If you can do light bicep curls without making the tendon any worse, they will help as well (more towards the end of the healing process). If you could only do one exercise it’d be external rotations.

Do all of these exercises as long as they don’t noticeably further irritate the tendon… and stop all pressing:

-External rotations

-Internal rotations

-Band pull-aparts (another form of external rotation)

-Face pulls (light, high reps. Do them high up on your face, down low on your neck, and all the areas in between)

-Cuban press type external rotation (cuban press without the press, and substitute in a band for the weight)

-Low cable rows, emphasis on LOW, bring em down to your bellybutton or lower (light)

-Chest assisted rows (light)

-Lat pull overs (light)

-Lat pull downs (light, but only do these if you’re healing along nicely, don’t start them right away. Anything overhead will slightly impinge the tendon.)

-Light concentration curls (second half of healing process, don’t do in the beginning.)

-The doorway stretch (google it), and the bicep stretch. Be gentle, especially in the beginning, stretching can just further irritate it.

Ice the tendon 10-15 min 3-4x a day the first week following symptoms. After that, ice 10-15 min only after exercise/physio/or if you feel significant inflammation. Stay away from anti-inflammatories unless absolutely needed for pain.

Once it’s healed do not stop doing the rotator cuff work, just cut it back to once a week instead of 3x; it will come back on you I promise.



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