Post meet training is going to be a big time change for me. Have a lot of aches and pains that are limiting my everyday. Not cool. Just need to take some extra time to do active recovery stuff, more time on the floor stretching, and more time out of the gym living a life that is benefitted by lifting, not limited by it.

General plans for the next 4-6 weeks:

  • Train 3-4x a week. All full body sessions. More on that below.
  • Skateboard with my daughter 2-3x a week. Approx 1-3 hours each session. Resting as needed. Actually been enjoying this a lot lately, having gone skating a few times this last week. She’s getting better on the daily, so that’s rad. There’s an « all-girls » skateboard party at the local park next Saturday and I swear to god it’s like the ball for her. I’m actually picking up some old skills fast and getting more comfortable on my board. Dropped in on the 4 ft mini ramp and getting better airing out of ramps, both of which might be skateboard PRs. Probably going to put some of that training footage in my training videos from time to time, probably going to talk about how great it is for low impact cardio (just pumping and cruising) and the single leg work (from pushing) really seems to be helping my hips feel better… strange.
  • T Shirts and other merch is looking more appealing to me. Been doing a lot of market research and really thinking about what the fuck is going to make my merch next level compared every other YouTuber’s??? I’ve got some ideas and have not slept the last two nights because of it. Just know, whatever it might be, it will definitely not feature quite a few cliché lifting related themes. Question for you all, what is a reasonable market price for your tastes on things like T-Shirts, Hats, etc? And what type of clothing or related gear do you wish was more available, better designed, or something that currently exists that you feel would be better with my ideas all over it. I know what most people charge and offer, but I honestly don’t care what others do, and pretty much only give a shit about what people want. So feedback there is appreciated.
  • So much fucking feedback on A&A’s

    release and its content. A lot of people responding with « ah ha » moments, which is excellent. Also, the amount of positive reviews on The Rippler and UHF is sick. That UHF 5Wk is fire.

Here’s what I’ll be doing regarding lifting for the next 4-6 weeks, maybe longer if it just. keeps. going.

GZCLP+ (LP for Advanced Lifters)

Same basic principle of GZCLP for progression across all tiers, but adjusted for advanced lifters. The percentages are only used to show what weight ranges to start with after that it’s simple linear progression, adding a reasonable amount of weight week to week for T1 and T2 movements. T3 follows a separate volume progression later described below.

Written as: Movement x Weights x Reps x Sets

+ means the last set is an AMRAP

Workout A1

T1: Squat x 80% of recent 5RM x 3 x 5+

T2a: Bench x 80% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T2b: Incline Bench x 70% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T3a: Lat Pull Down x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3b: Cable Row x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3c: Bicep Curls x Weight x 15 x 3+

Workout B1

T1: OHP x 80% of recent 5RM x 3 x 5+

T2a: Deadlift x 80% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T2b: SSB Squat x 70% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T3a: Single Leg Press x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3b: Leg Curl x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3c: Leg Extension x Weight x 15 x 3+

Workout A2

T1: Bench x 80% of recent 5RM x 3 x 5+

T2a: Squat x 80% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T2b: Legs Up Bench x 70% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3+

T3a: Pec Flye x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3b: Delt Raise x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3c: OH Tri Ext x Weight x 15 x 3+

Workout B2

T1: Deadlift x 80% of recent 5RM x 3 x 5+

T2a: OHP x 80% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3

T2b: SLDL x 70% of recent 10RM x 10 x 3+

T3a: Hack Squat Machine x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3b: Back Extension x Weight x 15 x 3+

T3c: Pull Ups x Weight x 15 x 3+

This will progress in the same fashion as the standard GZCLP. Adding weight (planned 5/10 for upper lower each time a workout is repeated.) When that results in a failure the volume will reduce into a number of planned drops, as follows:

T1 Progression

Reps x Sets (+ means Last Set AMRAP)

3×5+ until failure to reach base volume of 15. When that happens drop to 2×6+. Add weight until failure to reach base volume of 12. Once base volume of 12 cannot be completed then drop to 1×10+ (10 singles, Last Set AMRAP) and continue to add weight until a base volume of 10 cannot be performed.

I figure I can run this for a couple of weeks on my T1 lifts and since I’m starting pretty reasonably (80% of my existing 5RM, which is already kinda low anyways…) and if I’m feeling good I can really crush the AMRAP at the end, but if I’m a little beat up then I can kinda take that easy.

T2 Progression

Exactly as in the standard GZCLP and the above described T1 progression. It will perform a series of base volume drops when weight added becomes to great to reach the total volume goal. There are no pre written AMRAPS on T2 movements, because I don’t want that to interfere with my next day’s workouts. But I figure that could be a reasonable option. If I choose to AMRAP a T2 movement, it will be a T2a movement only. Likely starting at first on Workouts A2 and B2.

The volume drops progress from 10×3 to 8×3 and 6×3. Simply add weight to your T2 movements and when you cant get 30 total reps drop to 24 then to 18. Simple as that, just like the T1 essentially, but lighter.

T3 Progression

Exactly as is from the original GZCLP in Applications & Adaptations

. « Progress by using the last set AMRAP. Once the weight can be lifted for 25 reps on that last set an in increase in weight should occur. »Why it’s set up the way it is

The T1 and T2a are set up and progressed exactly like the standard GZCLP.

New additions:

T2b movement which on Workouts A1 and B1 are paired with like types (Both T2 movements train a similar lifts and/or body parts.) These T2b movements are then paired with the T1 lift on Workouts A2 and B2. This helps break up the monotony of it (cause LPs are boring) will be an interesting challenge, and I feel that since I’ll be fresher on A2 and B2 I think I can get more volume (via optional Rep Outs) in on the T2b movements and then carry that effort throughout the rest of the T3 accessories (which are also paired up with T1 movements on A2 & B2) and these workouts would then be a bit more hypertrophy focused.

More T3 movements, and likely even more if I’m feeling great. Wanting to just drive the T1 in an LP I figure I can put in some recoverable volume, build some mass and conditioning, by adding a select few T3 movements. These would likely be more health/rehab type movements so more things like face pulls and band pull aparts will be done on the program, just unwritten parts of a warm up and cool down. But also may add some extra pressing types like BTNP or Dumbbell work, perhaps a lot more bodyweight options as well in the T3 on « good days. »

Other more personal crap

Really excited for training and the future. School is easy cruising, just a lot of reading and busy work it seems. Did get one cool assignment in my English class, probably going to post it on my YouTube because well, I’m honestly proud of it and think a lot of my friends and family would appreciate it. Totally not lifting related, but it is personal to me. So unlike it if you want, lol. I think its cool. Getting recognized more and more in my gym for my YT stuff but also for my lifting in general. The owner shared my last deadlift IG clip so now everyone knows who the fuck I am, lol…

And if you guys wanna get some pyramid gear now, just to rep GZCL method by association, I just ordered this shirt.

and I suggest you do the same. If you think skateboarding is interesting their team is sick as shit.

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