What are some things that have gotten you through a plateau?

S-Tier (try these first)

  • Eat more calories.
  • Sleep more.
  • Be patient and keep doing what you’re doing (works more often than you’d think).

A-Tier (usually help)

  • More volume is a very common suggestion. This can take a lot of forms, including drop sets, heavy negatives, assistance exercises, variant exercises, and simply doing the same exercise more often.
  • Add assistance exercises.
  • Deload and work back up .
  • Periodization routines.

B-Tier (try these if you’re still stuck)

  • Change workout frequency.
  • Double check your form.
  • Stretch the body part giving you trouble.
  • Break week, do something completely different.
  • Remove assistance exercises, you may be overworking yourself.
  • Try microloading.

C-Tier (I don’t know what else it could be…)

  • Alter the equipment you’re using (squat shoes, belts, straps, etc.).
  • Change your macro split (more protein, more fat, etc.).
  • Start using supplements (creatine, preworkout, etc.).
  • Cut alcohol intake .
  • Get laid .
  • Change the time of day you work out.

D-Tier (only try if desperate)

  • Sacrifice a goat to Baal .
  • Trying acid & mushrooms .
  • Ice on your balls .
  • Hop on the juice .

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