Have anyone of you seen a pro bodybuilder workout off screen

  • Phil Heath (Armbrust): Keeps it simple, lots of supersets and giant sets. During his off season he goes pretty heavy on stuff, but during Olympia prep I’ve never seen him touch bench, deadlifts, or squats.
  • Jeremy Buendia (Armbrust, Golds Gym Venice): He’s pretty typical training style. Love benching, only have seen him training chest or shoulders. High volume training, pretty moderate weight for everything.
  • Shawn Rhoden (Gold’s Venice): Machines and Free weights. Super into his training. The couple times I’ve seen him at Gold’s in Venice he always wears a big ass hoodie and leggings. His trainer is constantly telling him which muscle is moving and to focus on it. Saw him do 315 on incline bench for a set of 30….. Ridiculous volume
  • Ronnie Coleman (Metrofelx): Took a road trip to Metro to hopefully run into him, paid off. Sounded like a squeeky toy in the gym the whole time he was there, screaming and saying all his phrases. He was training shoulders and he did 180lbs for 15 clean reps.
  • Branch Warren (Metroflex): Caught a quick glimps of him during the same trip to see Ronnie. Literal meatball, loves to destroy his chest on incline when he benches.
  • ive seen phil heath train a few times when i was in denver. he never used free weights only machines…
  • Was at a gym training while Branch Warren was. Can confirm fucker is crazy.
  • There is a bodybuilder who trains at my gym who is fucking massive beyond all reason. Forearms the size of watermelons.

    I see him all the time, but I only ever seen him train quads. He’ll do an exercise and start stupid light. Like 30 lbs on leg extension. Or 1 plate on leg press. Then 2 plates. 3 plates. 4 plates. 5 plates. 6 plates. 7 plates. 8 plates. 9 plates. 10 plates. 11 plates. 12 plates. 13 plates. 14 plates. 15 plates. 16 plates. 17 plates. 18 plates.

    Then the same for another exercise. He doesn’t do flashy shit. Just 2-3 basic exercises and grind them out for eternity.

  • Ive had the pleasure of training with ifbb pro’s on multiple occasions and train with one daily. The volume is what sets the sessions apart from most people. Especially in the offseason. 8-10 sets of 8-12 reps on 5 exercises. Its soul crushing and just beats you down mentally to focus on every rep for almost 2 hours. Yes, gotta eat immediately due to low blood sugar when dieting. But intra workout drinks with up to 125g dextrose keeps that at bay usually and fuels those marathon sessions. As for weight, its all relative, but most go until positive failure on every set throughout the whole workout and only rest enough to breathe normally.
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