Strength and size have correlation

You do realise that volume has a massive impact on strength development right? It’s the major reason that a large number of incredibly effective powerlifting programs are high volume. One of the most well known powerlifting programming methods from the champion Russian coach Boris Sheiko is based on a high volume of lifts and sets in the 70-85% range, and as you can see it’s actually not even « high intensity ».
Also there is a strong correlation between strength and size. Muscular hypertrophy is one of the main strength mechanisms. As your muscles get bigger you get stronger. Simples.
And why do bodybuilders and powerlifters train differently? Specificity for their chosen sports. Powerlifting is based around 3 specific lifts and all training is based around improving these lifts. Bodybuilders train for muscular hypertrophy and their training is based around gaining the most muscle in the most efficient manner, and there is further specificity in regards to improving different muscle groups.
But there are also some similarities between the training methods… powerlifters often add « bodybuilding » work to increase their muscle mass to get just stronger or move up into a weight class more suited to their height/bone structure. Some bodybuilders find heavy low rep training very effective for muscle gains, or like to focus on strength for a while so they can increase their overall training volume or protect themselves from injury.


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