Mike Israetel ; General recommendations for hypertrophy training

General recommendations for hypertrophy training:

1.) Volume:

  • 15-25 working sets per muscle group per week
    * Make sure to start on the very low end of what you can recover from (MRV)

2.) Frequency:

  • 2-4 days per muscle group per week
    * Higher frequencies for smaller muscle groups, lower for larger ones
    ** 60% of the total volume in half the workouts, 40% of the volume in the other half (to promote recovery and adaptation)

3.) Intensity:

  • 55-85%1RM of the exercise you’re doing

4.) Programming:

  • Accumulation 3-6 weeks of adding about 2% weights to the exercises per week and 1-2 sets per muscle group (not exercises) per week
  • Deload 1 week with the first half of the week as heavy as the first week of accumulation but with half the sets, and the second half of the week with half the sets and weight of the first week

5.) Periodization:

During weight gain,

  • 1-2 mesocycles of mostly sets of 8-12 reps
  • 1-2 mesocycles of mostly sets of 12-20 reps, with one of those mesos including drop sets, supersets, ultra high rep sets, and/or occlusion

During weight maintenance,

  • 1 mesocycle of mostly sets of 4-8 reps with 2/3 the usual set amounts (to bring down fatigue and re-sensitize for growth)

Plenty of exceptions on the details, especially for folks just starting out and those who have been training longer than 15 years. But, these are some ok staring points from my experience in coaching, training myself, and my reading of the literature.


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