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Can Post-Exercise Hormone Secretion Predict Gains?

Can post-exercise hormone secretion predict gains?

The JuggLife-Training on PEDs: What Really Changes?

0-32 mins: Lots of talking about the Olympics, how Russia is cracking down on their drug problem by removing the investigating agents. The Olympic lifting has been fun, better than rumored. Some athletes hold back compared to Worlds because the lack of individual lift medals since Olympics is based on totals. Updates on the weight classes. Olympic lift strategies for picking your weight. Talking about the records.

32-45 mins: Max comments on how Snatch/CJ relation works, the difference between the qualities needed for each lift. There are challenges understanding and acquiring Russian sports science. More Olympic talk, the best lifting, world records were broke, lifts were missed. Drug testing takes forever.

45-55 mins PED talk starts. Dodging drug testing isn’t just an « IQ test » but also a logistical test, massive undertaking to use in a tested federation. New tests are always coming out. Most lifters do not have the support/monetization to accomplish drug evasion successfully, also they may not be using the PEDs effectively by trying to dodge the test. Some lifters will rely on PEDs and use poor training, American lifters use differently than other countries. Some drugs are garbage and using won’t have much of an effect. Some drugs are great but hard to get your hands on it and may be unknown for the most part. If you are using and beating testing you are likely not using very much and it will have a minimal effect.

55 mins – 1:06: Justin Gatlin’s situation, lots of micro-dosing being claimed, not like « Ivan Drago ». Mike mentions that high dosages is a completely different game. Max comments that there is a compounding effect of using micro dosing over a long period of time. Mike talks about the physiological changes that occur. (Starting at 1hour mark)Anabolics improve muscle mass, power and strength. Test (common anabolic) help grow muscle and improve neurological function, also help with motivation and shorten recovery. There are a lot of sports where doping isn’t as common. Bodybuilding and powerlifting have a great effect, weightlifting you still need a lot of skills, sprinting requires even more skill technique. As a sport becomes more technical doping has a smaller effect on overall performance. How effective PEDs can be depends on the nature of the sport. « It would not surprise me if 90% of the NFL is using » « Testing in the NFL and MLB is lip service ».

1:06 – 1:18 : How does it affect the training plan? If there is a certain amount of work you can do in a macro cycle while not using, you could do more while using. Test will help you to reach the maximum muscle within a weight class with less volume work allowing more time for technique work. Drugs don’t help you learn the lift but they support muscle growth. You can devote less time to general training, training can be devoted to specifics instead. Drugs augment any system. Bulgarian vs Russian weightlifting comes down to can you use into the meet or not. Tweaking a drug aided system/program to be without drugs is less effective than just creating a natural program. There are drug programs there are non-drug programs. Drug programs aren’t magical.

1:18 to end: Modifying a system/program typically results in poor results because the modifications are often done in the areas that challenge the athlete, receive very mediocre to stagnant results. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is not a valid training methodology for the best results. Learn the phasic approach.