Steroids / To Everyone Planning Their First Cycle

Some simple things that you should all know before jumping in

#1 Steroids are not magic, they are not a replacement for hard work nor will they heal your injuries. They are something you add to your schedule, much like a supplement. Suppliments are just that, something you add to hard work and food, to get a little farther once you’ve gone just about as far as you can go without it.

#2 No, you don’t eat lots. Don’t sit here and tell me you fucking eat « lots » and cant seem to break 200 lbs. I had this arguement with the owner of my first powerlifting gym. Before steroids, before I knew what was what. Long story short, he told me to go home and eat 36 hardboiled eggs right now, or never come ask him another question ever again, in fact if I didnt, don’t fucking bother ever coming back to Remington’s gym. I ate 32 in an hr and 45, went back and told the truth. out of the kindness of his heart he let me stay, and we bet I could not gain 50 lbs in 2 months.

Yes before steroids ever entered the picture. I went from 176 to 222 in 2 months. I lost the bet, but I gained 46 lbs of not too sloppy weight in 2 fucking months. Whatever it took, nuts, drinking liters of coffee cream, whole chickens, 10 dbl cheese burgers, chocolate milk, gainer shakes, peanut butter, mayo, chucken thighs skin on a kilo in a sitting wuth bagles ect ect. You do not fucking eat enough, learn how to eat before you butch about being small or ask retarded questions about what gear to use that will get you « huge » or « jacked »

#3 Rehab exercise and rest is just as important as training. Do your homework, GH and EQ and Var and decca aint gonna help sweet FUCK ALL if you arent addressing the real issues of why you are experiencing inflamation, imbalances and poor motor recruitment. Even an improper ratio of fats can cause excess inflammation, ohmega 3 the fuck outta your shakes and go get worked on by a reputable massage therapist / chiro / or acupuncturist. hell even some physio can be good, but BE AWARE of hacks. There has been a hand full of times I wasted money on physiotherapists that didnt know how to treat an athlete. Its sad really but its rampant, get a referral from someone trustworthy

#4 Learn how to train. Periodization is your friend, go buy 5/3/1 and don’t fuck with it. Juat learn how a program works, and BE PATIENT. God knows I have fucked up my max day by doing stupid shit that wasn’t in my program. No one gives a sweet fuck how much you can leg press or how much you can curl, work on the goal (I am assuming the goal is strongman or powerlifting so don’t get butthurt, it’s the principle I am trying to get accross) Do tjinga that will make you stronger, that work for you, and that din’t ruin your joints in a gradually increasing fashon over time, using a wave type pattern. Remember, deload week is VERY important. Don’t kid yourself, besides, if you did your trainkbg peoperly, you will be looking forwards to it.

#5 If you do decide to throw caution to the wind, do your homeowrk. there is enough newb threads and experienced vet threads, wikipedia, steroidology, blah blah blah that there is NO reason you shouldn’t be able to fugure out What you need. First time round, stick with the baisics. It helps to have an experienced mentor in the flesh, and don’t ask queations if you aren’t going to take the advice. that should almost be #1 fuck sakes

#6 learn how to think. If you can’t get your head on right, you’ll suck forever. Learn how to get your rage focused in one hour 5 days a week, it’s like meditation and better than medication.

That’s my rant, I dexided sence I am experiencing some mild insomnia, I could point some people in the right direction. out of maybe 1000 of you who read this, I know 999 of you will roll your fucking eyes and di everything wrong, but if I got through to even 1 newb, that’s fine with me.

I was you once, I was 145 lbs, thought about using gear for years. held off, worked hard, gained 77 lbs drug free, had some respectable lifts for a clean ex crack head, and now I’m not doing too bad if I may say so myself. Go out and get what’s yours, stop making excuses, and start making other people question their methods by showing them how much harder you can work. There is no better feeling than outlifting people who doubted you would ever get near their numbers.

Get to it, or just stay weak. I could give a fuck


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